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Summer Session 2017 is now closed.

JKPG Enrollment Guidelines (.pdf) 

2017 JKPG Gakko Forms

JKPG Field Trip Info
JKPG Field Trip Permission Form
   JKPG Emergency Medical Treatment Authorization
(All students/teacher’s assistants and staff)
JKPG Code of Conduct Parents & Students
  2017 Undokai Lunch Order Form
  Undokai – South Land Park Map

JKPG Song Lyrics

Ohayo Minasan (PDF version)
Jan_Ken_Po (PDF version)
Sayonara (PDF version)
1st Grade – Ohayo Minasan (PDF version), Musunde Hiraite (PDF version), Atama Kata Hiza Ashi (lyrics not available)
2nd Grade – Kira Kira Boshi (PDF version)
3rd Grade – Donguri Korokoro (lyrics not available)
 4th Grade – Antagata Dokosa (lyrics not available)
5th Grade – Sadako & The Thousand Paper Cranes (lyrics not available)
6th Grade – Soran Bushi (PDF version)