Gakko 2020

Jan Ken Po Gakko 2020 – Cancelled

It was with heavy hearts, the Jan Ken Po Gakko Board of Directors has decided to cancel this year’s Jan Ken Po Gakko due to growing concerns around COVID-19.

The Board and Program DIrector and Program Administrator are very concerned that students not miss a whole Gakko grade, so here’s how it will work:

  • JKPG 2021 is tentatively scheduled for June 28-July 16, 2021. Current students will simply pick up where they left off next summer when Gakko resumes. In other words, students who were supposed to be 6th graders this year, will complete their 6th grade year in 2021 instead. Same goes for all the grade levels.
  • This year’s 1st grade class, which has 5 students, will be combined with next year’s incoming 1st graders. It will be the only dual-age class, and the students will remain together until they graduate from Gakko.
This plan will ensure students experience the entire JKPG curriculum while allowing us to boost enrollment in the 1st grade class.
We are offering families two options: 1) full refund for JKPG 2020, or 2) rolling over this year’s tuition to 2021.
  • Families who want a full refund for this year, must contact Registrar Jill Sasaki at by May 1, 2020 to receive a check. By doing so, you will be giving up your child’s spot. If you wish to return in 2021, you will have to re-register in August. Currently, all the classes – except 1st and 2nd grade – are full.
  • Families who want to rollover their tuition will not need to do anything.
  • The tuition increase, originally scheduled to go into effect next year, will be postponed until 2022.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these difficult times. Take care and stay safe.
JKPG Board of Directors
Program Director Nancy Shimizu
Program Administrator Joyce Ouye (O’Keefe)


Jan Ken Po Gakko 2020 Info Brochure link to pdf version
Jan Ken Po Gakko 2021 Info Brochure link to pdf version

JKPG Family Volunteer Commitment Forms:

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